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Highly Appealing

As hard as any other tower defense games out there may try, it is unlikely that they will be able to offer an appeal as wide as Pokémon Tower Defense from Sam and Dan games. The game manages to effortlessly deliver everything that was good about the classic GameBoy Pokémon games whilst including a wide selection of the more recent creatures from the later generations. In addition to the Pokémon style, the battles take place in the tower defense format whilst still feeling like the turn-based affairs of the main series. Continue Reading

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Pokémon Tower Defense – Familiar Pokémon action set in the tower defense format


In contrast to its sequel, the main adventure in Pokémon Tower Defense is divided into various pre-determined levels which cannot be freely explored (if you want a free-to-explore story mode, try the fantastic sequel, Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Generations). Each of these levels contains the opportunity to battle, train, and capture Pokémon in the same way as the original games. The Pokémon in this case are the towers, and they all learn moves in the same way and of the same type as in the original Pokémon titles. The storyline is one of the few features that doesn’t follow the original series of games, and instead is a humorous adventure from the brain of the game’s developer Sam Otero, often containing references to the original Pokémon games.

The all-important Pokémon types also feature in Pokémon Tower Defense. The type of your Pokémon is instrumental in determining the effectiveness of your Pokémon against your opponent. Water Pokémon are effective against fire, for example, and electric Pokémon are deadly against flying types. The type match-ups are just another example of the loyalty of Pokémon Tower Defense to the original games.


The brilliantly nostalgic graphics are the thing that immediately stands out with Pokémon Tower Defense. The initial introduction even before the main menu incorporates the original soundtrack of Pokémon Red and Blue, along with the primitive graphics set in a low resolution in another nod to simpler times.


It doesn’t matter if you are a long-term fan of Pokémon or a tower defense enthusiast or not; it is highly likely that you will enjoy playing Pokémon Tower Defense. The sense of nostalgia created by the GameBoy-like graphics and the ability to catch a variety of original Pokémon is unbeatable, that is unless you can bring yourself to play the sequel, which manages to improve on this already-fantastic game.


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