Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game

Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Tower defense with an eccentric style

Loyal and Innovative

It seems that a common feature in many tower defense games is that they seem to stick to the format without really offering anything notable to distinguish them from all other games of the genre (Kingdom Rush is a notable exception to this). Bloons Tower Defense 5 also stays loyal to the age-old tower defense format, but through some innovative gameplay and a unique design, it has managed to gather a sizeable fan base and develop into a highly successful tower defense series.

Monkey Towers

The gameplay in Bloons Tower Defense 5 is centred around the usual format of defending yourself against the oncoming enemies. In this case, the enemies come in the form of a variety of different balloons that make their way through maze-like levels following specific paths. The aim of the game is simply to destroy these balloons before they can take away all of your lives; you do this by placing towers in various locations. One of the unique features of the game is that the towers are actually a set of different and increasingly useful monkeys that throw darts. Each of these monkey towers can be upgraded as you play through the game, adding to the addictive aspect of the gameplay.

Balloons and Apes

By including a variety of balloons that are increasingly difficult to pop as well as increasing the number of popped balloons required to complete each level, the game remains challenging to the player throughout and places more emphasis on strategy from level to level. Balloons range from simple one-hit-pop types to ones that are coated and take several hits to burst, and a new balloon that heals itself if you don’t destroy it quickly enough. There is even one referred to as the ‘ZOMG’ which appears in one of the very final levels.

You can also purchase a selection of different monkey towers as you progress, like monkey snipers that are able to shoot much further than the regular towers, and also multi-directional shooters that cover larger areas. You can also upgrade each tower with ammunition of different properties. Secret agents can also be purchased and used once per level; these also have unique properties and can help you out significantly by popping some problematic balloons should you find yourself struggling


Bloons Tower Defense 5 from the studios of the fruitily-named NinjaKiwi is undoubtedly the best title in the series yet and possesses new features such as new balloons, some new towers, and performance improvements as a result of a simplifying of the graphics. The toned-down aesthetics do not take away from the distinctive style of the game, however, since the graphics are still very stylish and unique to the title, with the animations of the towers and the different items in each level are still extremely details. This is one of the best tower defense titles available today.